Technology Pushes Marketers To New Levels

Technology Pushes Marketers To New Levels

If there is one thing that can be said with certainty, it’s that Technology isn’t going anywhere. And on top of that, it will only continue to change faster and faster as time goes on. Everyday there are countless new apps, new tablets, thinner phones and faster processors to keep our brains entertained and constantly wanting more; which begs the question…how do marketers get their content noticed and resonate with consumers in this ‘new age’? It’s the challenge that we face today and will consistently face for years to come.

Before social media and the hype of the internet, marketing was done through televisions commercials and billboards, amongst other traditional forms. Today we have ad targeting, a wide range of metrics and the pressure of producing new, enticing content at the speed of light before our competitors beat us to it, all while keeping up with the latest trends that seem to pop up in the blink of an eye.

So let’s put this into perspective. A few of the main ways marketing has clearly changed with technology, according to The Guardian, include speed, relevance and reach. If companies face a crisis, we now posses the ability to respond quicker and get the problem resolved faster than in the past. Social media serves as a tool to get quick updates out to consumers, while our laptops and tablets keep us informed with news apps and pop ups getting the messages out in the open.

Additionally, any message or campaign that is produced by a company doesn’t just get sent out into world wide web hoping to reach their target audience…that would just seem a bit strange nowadays…instead messages are sent with pin point accuracy to the target audience, allowing for the most effective and relevant use out of technology and the resources it provides.

With that being said, it all comes down to reach. The messages and content we create could be simply amazing, but if they only reach a handful of people, the full ‘reach’ potential isn’t being achieved. With technology our marketing campaigns have gone to new highs and produced potential that would take weeks to accomplish. Marketers are now creating content that redefines who their target audience is and make a simple statement become a worldwide phenomenon.

Those three components are at the core of what technology is changing with marketers. But even further into the discussion is the fact that consumers are affected by this as well. We have reached a new level of personalization with technology. Every message, image or video that is placed in front of users/consumers in the online world, expects it to be tailored to them. They want to feel important and be entertained while being marketed to. This makes the overall content creation a bigger task than ever for the marketing world.

With technology imposing on every aspect of people’s lives, it is important to keep in mind that not only does the process of marketing constantly need to be changing, but the skill sets as well. Instead of just creating a great slogan, ad or video, marketers now need to be in-the-know with technological changes, how their target audience is being affected and what the best platforms are with technology to get their campaigns out there. It is important to keep researching what is new, trending and coming up in the technology world so that marketers can have a sense of how to adjust their campaigns and at what rate they need to conceptualize new ideas for the technological world.

Analytics also play a huge part in marketing. Being able to comprehend and analyze the metrics that are being gathered from the campaign your team worked so hard to put together can make or break how successful the current and future campaign’s livelihood really is. And finally, the overall structures of companies marketing departments are changing. Dollars need to be spent on social media rather than billboards, and the marketers need to be well versed in all things digital to stay ahead of trends and competitors.