What to Expect From Your First Start-up Conference?

What to Expect From Your First Start-up Conference?

For budding entrepreneurs and people who are just entering the industry. A tech start-up conference can be a place to network and create connections that are invaluable for career progression. This article outlines the things to expect and keep in mind for your first Start-up conference.

What Is A Start-up Conference?Best tech start up conference
Some senior industry professionals, or researchers with relatively few exposures, will think that a start-up conference is just a place to discover new and upcoming products, services, and tech.

However these conferences are so much more, they are places where you can connect with like-minded people, network, and build industry connections that were previously unattainable.

A start-up conference is the beginning of the journey for many people. As has been mentioned networking is one of the most significant aspects of attending any kind of conference, as you are exposing yourself to similar people within your respective field with whom you can discuss ideas and projects.

In this case, if you are taking your ideas to a start-up, it is very important to implement a smooth development of your project.

The Purpose of Start-Ups
The design and purpose of a start-up conference are in their name. It is a place for upcoming developers, entrepreneurs, and like-minded individuals, to share and exchange ideas for the benefit of all those in attendance. The goal of many of these conferences is to be afoot in the doorway for those who want to start a new business or learn more about upcoming industry plans, ideas, and/or tech.


Start-Ups during Covid-19
The tech industry, like many other industries, has been impacted immensely by the adverse effects of the covid-19 pandemic that has swept the globe for the last year. As with any physical industry, new regulations have had to be introduced to ensure all participants safe from any viral spread. As such, for the majority of tech conventions as well as other start-up or digital conferences, the outcome has meant that these conferences and events will be conducted in a virtual space instead of packing out rooms with thousands of attendees all of which looking to expand their networks and horizons.

While some have raised concerns with this new mode of receiving information it doesn’t only have negative aspects. For example, now that these conferences are online people from across the world can attend and interact and network with people on the other side of the world that they previously would not have been able to.



Online Conferences
In reality, there isn’t that significant of a difference between these online conferences and their physical counterparts. Of course, you as a participant are not able to physically be present there however, the majority, if not all of the initial features offered at these start-ups are still offered on the online format. Keynotes with notable speakers, workshops, events as well as a plethora of other events are all still offered in online forms throughout a variety of different online start-ups that have taken their work online this year due to Covid. 

 As a society, we have had to learn to adapt to this post-covid lifestyle and the attendance of tech/start-up events is no different. While some would prefer to be attending in-person to learn and network in real life, in the current climate this is simply not possible. 


 As such your first start-up conference may not be exactly what you had initially cracked it up to be, however that isn’t to say it still isn’t an extremely beneficial event to attend to expand your knowledge and business connection.