Australian climate and wind energy generation

Australian climate and wind energy generation

Australia has the most favourable climatic conditions for generating wind energy with the help of wind turbines. We all know that Australia has almost forty per cent of renewable energy than any other country and they are less dependent on fossil fuels as electricity can be produced from wind energy itself.

Some of the best wind energy-producing places are all located in coastal areas. They are southeast South Australia, southwest Western Australia, Northern Tasmania, Western Victoria and some particular regions of Queensland and NSW are highly suitable for generating wind energy.

Wind Energy is mostly used in generating electricity. Specifically used in various industries and factories working with industrial air compressors or in many other cases, a variety of nitrogen generators.  Its functioning is in a certain way. The wing turbines are set near to coastal areas or windy regions where there are free trees because trees block the wind from blowing heavily or in order words, trees cut out the speed of the wind. Therefore, the turbines are placed mostly in vacant land. The turbines rotate and with the current of the wind, energy is produced through those turbines. This energy is stored and is later used in various activities. Hence, Australia is less depending on fossil fuels or other liquid fuels nowadays. Although many have said that the noise coming from those turbines, when it rotates can be quite a good reason for irritation because it makes a lot of sounds and causes disturbance to the people who live in nearby houses or cottages.

It was estimated that by the end of 2018 Australia had almost 94 wind farms and successfully gathered 6GW of wind generation capacity. The most beneficial part of producing wind energy is the lost cost system. It is not a costly process at all. All that’s a need to be done is a type of turbine. Mostly preferable are wind mils.

Wind mils companies that are thriving well from Australia are Meridian Energy, Pacific Hydro, Hydro Tasmania, Suzlon, Trustpower, Wind lab, Wind prospect and Infigen Energy. These energy-producing companies are some of the best companies and have more than 100 turbines that work at a constant mode producing more than 71% of energy at a good rate.

A good climate has a variant effect. When the flow of the wind is good, more energy is being produced. The turbines or windmills are generally set up on hilltops too because the flow of wind is good in the hilly regions. The ocean is also preferable in such conditions. Australia is a place with a moderate climate and good rainfall. The windy air that flows around the outskirts is also effective. Moreover, wind energy being the most suitable energy to produce is transferable in different kind of energy that is it can be used in different forms. Furthermore, the wind cycle in Australia is certainly amazing.

Lastly, we can say that Australia is a successful country in cutting out the emission of greenhouse gas by modes of generating wind energy. Many people could earn their daily in this form of work. From every accept it is noted that generating wind energy has only been beneficial to the people of Australia and Australia itself.