The most innovative technology shops in the world

The most innovative technology shops in the world

Going from what was previously seen as a retail apocalypse to the now common e-commerce store – from digital to physical – the retail sector seems to be undergoing a period of change. With more and more technology on the rise, it seems retailers have to work harder than ever to make their success. 

Here are a few brands that are most innovative and are staying on top of technology trends:


You don’t need to go far to find the headlines going on about the strength of Amazon. From the data-driven solutions down to the Amazon go concept, it seems that Amazon is sitting quite high on the list of innovative tech shops. They have everything and I usually buy all my tech stuff here. Except for my phone accessories. 


In the year 2015, the beauty brand started its own innovation lab, as a place where you can build, develop and test consumer experiences. The opening of the lab marks a new point for Sephora, but it seems to have introduced different innovations as well, to the market. I was thinking about Sephora the other day, when I got a cool popsocket with a mirror on the back. It seemed like something they should offer! But at least they have other innovative things. For example, Sephora introduced the concept of letting customers try on make-up in different ways, such as virtually using AR technology.


Apple is consistently releasing products that are revolutionising. The way that people are interacting with technology or in-store innovations such as surrounding payments have long been part of their focus. Apple was recently valued at over 900 billion, and this is why it is an obvious addition to innovative retailers.

Warby Parker

In 2016 there was an estimation done by Wall Street Journal that said Warby Parker was opening a huge $3,000 per square foot store. They started brining in expertly trained employees, that were equipped with analytical consumer data skills. in addition, they made their store look just like a bookstore! It is true that the eyewear company is a big innovator when it comes to both consumer technology and in-store experiences. 

Akihabara Radio Center

This place offers a unique experience. The two-story building has many different independent vendors who sell technology products. This is more like a tradition that has been going on since the post-war era. Engineers who found themselves unemployed after World War Two would come here to buy and sell electrical parts. If you want antique gadgets or the highest, most powerful technology items – then this is the place to go. You need to call a number located on the consignment locker if you want to make a purchase. Some state it really is not a normal shopping experience.

 Yodobashi Akiba 

This place is for geeks who love tech and have plenty of money. It is nine stories high and is full of hi-tech equipment. It is described by many as the worlds largest tech store, located right in the middle of Tokyo’s “geek district” in Akihabara.

It is a fairly well-known electronics chain that is located in Japan, but this store actually goes above and beyond the normal offerings. It’s more unique than all the other stores flowing over Tokyo’s suburban and rail system. It has bright cartoon characters that catch your eye upon arrival and there is no way you could miss it. They sell pretty much every gadget that tech lovers want, and it is the place to find the far-out stuff too. If you are feeling a bit peckish there is a restraint on the eight floors where you can take a break to fill your tummy then continue shopping around. The place is kid-friendly and you will always see kids running around with tech toy gadgets enjoying the fun as well.